Color questions for v3 Beta (RC15)

I’m new to the v3 Beta and playing around with the various settings. I love Dark Mode, but hate the default white font everywhere. So, I moved to a med-grey (#7e7e7e) for my Main Editor, my Notes, Synopsis, etc. However, I observed these problems

  • Changing the Binder background color doesn’t change the entire pane, just the lines of text/folder icons. Resetting to “defaults” doesn’t fix this. (I had to load my saved prefs to get back to the default Dark Mode.)
  • Changing the Index Cards Divider does not change it in the Synopsis portion of the Inspector – nor is there an option in the Inspector & Notes to change this OR the color of the Synopsis text. Why isn’t there a text color option in either of these places? I doubt I’ll use the index card mode much if I have to have white text in Dark Mode.
  • With black text and the grey mentioned above, I cannot see my cursor at all. I would really like to make this obvious so I can find it more easily!

I also had issues with an (unrelated) option causing my previously selected text color to revert to the white of Dark Mode, when I hit “apply” (instead of “ok”), but I haven’t been able to replicate it.

Apologies if I’ve selected the wrong place for this. I know the Bugs thread is focusing on crashes. I’m hoping some other v3 Beta testers have crossed these issues already and can suggest some work-arounds…


I found a work-around that isn’t too horrible for me.

Check “Options> Appearance> Main Editor >Options> Highlight current line”
Check “Options>Editing>Options Use block insertion point width” ( left it the default of 6 pixels)

Together, these options result in my cursor being visible:
[attachment=0]v3 rc 15 visible custom cursor.PNG[/attachment]

I think once I get my colors settled in some, this will work for me, barring being able to control my cursor color myself. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps someone else who doesn’t like the default options but loses the cursor in the process.