Color questions for v3 Beta (RC15)?

I’m new to the v3 Beta and playing around with the various settings. I love Dark Mode, but hate the default white font everywhere. So, I moved to a med-grey (#7e7e7e) for my Main Editor, my Notes, Synopsis, etc. However, I observed these problems

Changing the Binder background color doesn’t change the entire pane, just the lines of text/folder icons. Resetting to “defaults” doesn’t fix this. (I had to load my saved prefs to get back to the default Dark Mode.)
Changing the Index Cards Divider does not change it in the Synopsis portion of the Inspector – nor is there an option in the Inspector & Notes to change this OR the color of the Synopsis text. Why isn’t there a text color option in either of these places? I doubt I’ll use the index card mode much if I have to have white text in Dark Mode.
With black text and the grey mentioned above, I cannot see my cursor at all. I would really like to make this obvious so I can find it more easily!
I also had issues with an (unrelated) option causing my previously selected text color to revert to the white of Dark Mode, when I hit “apply” (instead of “ok”), but I haven’t been able to replicate it.

Apologies if I’ve selected the wrong place for this. I know the Bugs thread is focusing on crashes. I’m hoping some other v3 Beta testers have crossed these issues already and can suggest some work-arounds…

Your thread title states RC15. Are you really still using that? The current RC is RC20. If you are not on it, upgrade to RC20 and if the same issue is there ask in the beta forum. Its for all issues with the beta.

thank you my issue has been solved