Color schemes

Have we discussed color schemes to the point of creating and sharing color scheme templates?

I love trying out colors, but am hopelessly unimaginative. I can imagine, however, templates for working late at night on deadline, or under the white heat of inspiration, with Chopin preludes on vinyl murmuring softly in the background (or, alternatively, with a neon sound system playing some racey, racing Rossini).



Dorothy Dunnett said she wrote to Wagner. I can believe it.

I like your color schemes idea. My binder is now in a pale, creamy yellow (RGB: Red 250, Green 252, Blue 163, about like this) and the text in a lavender-pink hue (about like this: RGB Red 252, Green 186, Blue 255). Satie, maybe? I can get very distracted playing with colors, though! :smiling_imp:

Now Wagner would have to be in dark and dramatic colors: a dark near-black green-teal, text maybe in brighter royal-aqua blue? or silver?, binder in a stormy grey… Gothic font, of course. :wink: Some lightning streaks, too, would help. (oi.) I saw Die Walküre at the Chicago Lyric… was curious, thought I’d get antsy (resisted Wagner because of his and others’ use of his despicable politics) … and was completely mesmerized. 5 hours? No problem!

Fun idea! (… oh-oh … no, get thee back to work!)