Colored labels in 2.0.5

I have used several prior versions of Scrivener and have always been able to assign a colored label (i.e. chapter) to a folder or sub-folder within the binder. But recently, I have noticed that in version 2.0.5 when I assign a label it shows up in the inspector as well on index cards but the corresponding folder or sub-folder is not colored in the binder. Have I missed something in preferences or has this function been changed for Version 2.0?
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This hasn’t changed, no. There is a “No Label” option which has no colour associated, and “Status” items have no colour, but labels have colours as always. Could you post a screenshot?

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Also make sure you have View/Use Label Color In/Icons turned on for the project as well. That should have been retained from your project settings if it was updated from 1.x, but if it is a new project, be aware that setting is never on by default in any of the templates. If you prefer that to always be enabled, consider making yourself a blank template of your own.

That was it, I had forgotten to select “view-use colored labels”

Thank you for your quick assistance.

Oh, sorry! I missed the bit where you said “in the binder” (serves me right for trying to answer tech support in the adverts between Spartacus: Gods of the Arena). Glad you got it sorted!