coloring text in editor

I use Scrivener with mmd to write in LaTeX. It would be great if I could change the color of any characters in the editor to be very light grey or something so that I could read the actual text and be less bothered by the captured LaTeX instructions. Is it possible to do that?


You could create a preset format just for the lighter colour, add your own shortcut and then toggle it on and off as you type. (Or more accurately, create one preset for lighter colour and one for the normal colour.)

To create your own presets, look at the Format > Formatting > Presets menu items. (Unfortunately, I don’t have my Mac available at the moment so can’t give more detailed instructions, but it’s fairly intuitive, I think.

Yes, I thought about that. But there are lots of click to get into the apply format and I don’t think I can define a keystroke for a particular present application. What would be idea would be a rule that made everything between the html comment commands a particular style automatically?

Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean by a ‘present application’.

You can assign shortcuts to Scrivener’s preset formats, so I was thinking simply of:

Type your light-text shortcut, type the , type your normal-text shortcut.

Not as good as syntax highlighting, but it’s not too onerous.

Unless I’ve misunderstood something?

Another thing you could do, if you don’t use it for anything else, is use the Revision Level feature, which works like a toggle (like bold and italic). I bind Ctrl-# to those. So when I want red text I can type Ctrl-1, type a bit, then Ctrl-1 to turn it back off. You can customise these colours in the Appearance preference pane.