Colorize elements in Binder?

Can one colorize the elements in the Binder? Give them a format?

Colorize Binder:
Set up Labels in Meta Data Settings and assign colors. Then assign those labels to Binder elements as you see fit. Select “View/Use Label color in” and select Icons and/or Binder (use F5 / F6 alternatively). This will colorize Binder elements (see manual, 9.1.1 Setting Up Label & Status). The Binder background can be changed via “Options/Appearance/Colors/General/Binder Background” (see manual B.2.2 Colors)

Binder format:
Binder font can be set via “Options/Appearance/Fonts/Binder” (see manual B.2.3 Fonts)

Apart from that, I would suggest to RTFM (and I don’t mean Rich Text Format Manuscript here) :wink:

Thank you very much, Linus.

OK, a (kind of) workaround, I guess. Yes, a good idea. So changing the colors subsequently might be a bit more circumstantially instead of, for example, just marking one or more of the elements and add a color. And when using icons that label color obviously is not shown. So if one could change the background color (behind the fonts) it would be good.

Yes, sorry for not mentioning it, I do not want to format all of the elements in the same manner, but differently, single elements in different formattings, e.g. a single item (or more) fat, bigger front size, etc.

Sorry, I am not quite sure what this means, sounds crude somehow, but it is a good idea and I already did / read that f*** tutorial.

Thank you very much again