Colors Do Not Change Despite Deliberate Formatting

First up, this issue was “correctable” in older files where the formatting of my notes was established before more recent updates, but it doesn’t work on the new files I’ve created since those updates on both my desktop computer and laptop computer.

What happens is this:

  1. I create a new note style–or several–usually by typing out a series of notes with labels I’m going to use throughout the project.

  2. Then I proceed to go through each note and alter its style in order to make a Key of styles for notes containing different bits of information, always changing the font color and border color. Occasionally I change the border thickness, but not always.

  3. On about half the notes, I change the background colors and SAVE the styles/formats. I do this to add variation so the Scapple project doesn’t cause anxiety, as too many notes in too similar a style (even if with different font/border colors and styles) tends to do so.

  4. I type up a bunch of notes for the story, and color them according to my Key as I finish them, for ease of reference. However, those with the background colors don’t change according to the style I set.

  5. And then I SAVE the file.

  6. Next, I CLOSE the and REOPEN the file. On older projects I’m adding information to since the updates, this usually corrects the failure to format my notes, and those that SHOULD have background colors DO. However, in new files made since the updates, the close-and-reopen procedure does NOT work, and the notes that should have different background colors STILL do not upon reopening the program. I have tried this multiple times on both of my computers, sometimes changing colors, fonts, and border styles to ensure that it’s not a user error.

If this could be fixed, I’d really appreciate it. I love the Scapple program and don’t want to go back to my old way of writing up notes for my projects, as that old method invariably caused anxiety–and I could not find a way to prevent it. With the Scapple format I’m using, I’m able to work on my writing without too much issue.

Thank you.