Colour change

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 00.34.54.png[/attachment]Hi,
Is it possible to change the colour used to highlight the selected section?
I’m not keen on the default purple colour in the default theme (see attached image). Is it possible to change this?

If I’m not mistaken, this is your system accent colour, and isn’t controlled by Scrivener. To change it, go to Mac System Preferences, General, and choose a different accent colour. This will change the accent colour across all Mac apps.

Is it possible that you’ve assigned a label to that section? If so, and you have View>Use Label Colour in…>Binder turned on, this may be the label colour and not a selection colour. In that case, turning off the label colour in the Binder, or deassigning the label may help.

Hope this helps!

Hi Silverdragon,
You nailed it!
Thanks. It was the system accent colour I needed to change.
Thanks again for your excellent advice.