Colour Code Binder elements

Can elements of the binder - various chapters/scenes whatever - be colour coded?

If you use the Label element for them, you can have this label color be visible in the binder by choosing View > Use Label Color In > Binder or > Icons. The former will give a bold bar of color behind the title; the latter will just tint the document’s icon with the label color. To manage the labels and the colors associated with each, go to Project > Meta-Data Settings. You can set labels for individual items in the inspector or for multiple items by selecting them in the binder, outliner, or corkboard and then right-clicking and choosing “Label”.

Yes this is possible.

First you need to assign a label for each element. To create labels go to Project > Meta Data Settings and click on the labels tab. At this screen click the + button. To change the colour of the label double click the colour chip left of the label.

Next to apply the labels to multiple documents ctrl-select them in the binder and then click the gear icon. This can be found in the footer bar of the binder.

At this point in time you will be puzzled as the colours are not showing up yet. This is because you need to switch on colour coding for the binder. You have two choices to colour the binder icon only or have the colour appear around the entry in the binder. You switch both on by going to View > Use Label Colour In.

I recommend experimenting to see which works best for you. Hope that helps.