colour of inline comments

Is it still possible to change the colour of inline comments? It was in earlier versions, but I can’t find the option now.

Go to File > Options > Appearance > Colors > Main Editor.

Yes, I know. Options>appearance>colors>editor would be the obvious solution. Still, I cannot find it. (I’m looking for “Inline-comments”. Not “inspector-comments” etc.) Any other ideas?

Sorry, my advice above was not correct.
Create an inline annotation. Select the inline annotation and adjust the text and background colors using the format bar controls. From now on all new annotations will use the colors that you just adjusted. We are following Mac behavior here.

Thank you, Tiho_d.

To change the colour of the inline comments via the format bar worked for one session. Between closing Scrivener yesterday and opening it today the colour of the comments went back to what it was before I changed it. I suppose that’s not the desired behaviour.