Colour of Inline Footnotes

Hello all,

Apologies if this has been covered before. I did search for it, and did actually scan through the manual as well, but cannot seem to find what I’m looking for! :blush:

I had been using Inspector footnotes - which work a treat. I was able to change their background colours, without any problems.

Recently converted them all to Inline footnotes. Found it is less of an interruption seeing them all in the Editor, without my having to jump between the Editor text, and the Inspector sidebar, to follow my train of thought.


How do I change the background colour of the Inline footnotes? Or rather - can I?

Right now, my Editor background is light green. The inline footnotes are bordered, appear in a different font, and the background is a darker green to that of the background of the Editor. I would like to have them a completely different colour - to allow for more of a visual offset. Is this possible?

I’ve looked through the Preferences>Appearance>Customizable Colors settings - but the closest I can get to, is Notes Background - which is what I changed for the Inspector footnotes’ background?

Any suggestions will be welcomed!

There isn’t a setting for changing the footnote background colour, it’s designed to just blend in with the text background colour.

Thanks for confirming.