Colour options in Beta 046

To be honest I do not like the changes you have made to the colours in Beta 046. The settings in 045 were fine and did not need to be changed.

The most irritating change is the fact I can no longer customize my index card line colours to what I prefer apart from the 3 preset options found in the corkboard tab which are frankly ugly or useless to me. The Blue and red are too washed out when used in conjunction with label colours and the black and blue option is just ugly.

Also the binder icon tinting is now too dark. Difficult to tell if the document icon has text with writing on it depending on label colours. I see no option to alter tinting of icons in the binder only in the corkboard. This is something that needs addressing.

I wish you would change the colour settings to how they were in 045. They were fine as they were, functional and I cannot see the reasons for why they were change. Please consider this a plea to change them back before release. I am tempted to go back to Beta 045 so I can colour my writing environment the way I need it to be. I’ll will be very upset if this doesn’t get changed as this is putting me off using Scrivener. You guys should know by now how much I love the software but I find the colour changes very off putting. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I agree. I don’t want any lines on my index cards and so I changed the colour to white on previous betas. The new options are ugly.

Hi Stacey,

I see your point. We made the change to conform with the Mac platform, but I also think we have a user interface issue with updating the appearance in two different places i.e. corkboard and appearance tabs.

I’m going to pull the themed index cards out for now and replace the old functionality as per 045. Ultimately, I think we’ll introduce themes by allowing a user the save many or all aspects of a projects appearance and save them as theme files. This would enable users to customize themes and import and export them via the appearance tab, and share them with others too. There’s no promises regarding this functionality in the future, I’m just thinking aloud here as to what makes seems to make more sense. Obviously, Keith would need to agree, and for consistency implement a similar concept on the Mac platform - which I have no idea if that’s even possible of what he thinks of the idea. But this does seem a better solution.

As for the icon issue, can you drop me an email on this with a screenshot, as I’m not entirely clear on what the issue is and I certainly can’t think of what’s changed here.

Also, I noticed the fuzzyness of the lines on index cards with the themes. The code used to draw the lines is exactly as before, but it does appear that darker colors do make the lines look thicker and fuzzier than lighter colors.

Hope this helps, and certainly appreciate your feedback.


Hi Lee,

Going off the point of Scrivener matching across the Mac and Windows platforms, I learned from a Mac 2.0 user that the option of thumbtacks and the tinting of index cards on the Corkboard was removed when it was updated to 2.0. Is that the end plan for Scrivener for Windows? If it is, I’d like to put in a vote for not removing either option. I’m quite in love with the index card tinting and would hate to see it go away.

Those options are both available in 2.0 on the Mac, so no, we won’t be getting rid of it on Windows either.

Screenshot as requested. Should I install 045 again to get a comparison? What I do know is that it was easier to tell if the icon was a document with text in it. For example on the black documents you could still read text icon.

Not dark per se but more vivid/vibrant like a slider has been moved up a couple of notches.

Installed 045 for comparison shot of same project. Big difference: