Colour settings reset after changing theme.

Good afternoon.
I’m not quite sure if this is a bug or not, but I decided to ask, just in case I need to report it. I’ve been beta testing since May and one thing I’ve noticed is that each time I change themes (light > dark and vice versa) the colours (specifically target progress bars and the links) reset to the default colours, even after I’ve changed them multiple times. I was also wondering if there’s any way to fix this. Maybe any settings I should know about or something of sort?

Color Options are part of the theme. Once you change the Theme the color options also change to match the current Theme. Once you change the Theme feel free to adjust the Color Options as you wish. To preserve the Options Colors between Themes you might try the command Manage > Save Theme Options to file and import them again after you switch to the new Theme.

I did that to with the dark theme but I don’t think I can with the default theme :confused: thank you tho!