Colours in Binder

I have different colours setup in the binder.
This works fine, except the colours are washed out.
When I look at the project on my Mac they are the intense colours picked.
Is there anyway of making he colours on the iPad look the same as the selected ones?


Not as far as I know. On the Mac you can control how opaque the label colours are when used as a background, but there’s no control for it on iOS.

Thanks for the reply.

This saves me continually looking and wondering what I am missing.


I’d like to see the “selected” color of the sidebar be something other than grey, Grey doesn’t show well as a highlight except on a white background, which seems Scriv iOS first choice, anyway.

Obviously, the most useful would be to have the selection color to be completely customizable, or at least have the color bar become a more saturated version of itself when selected.

You can set the label colors on iOS. The default colors are very pastel!

The original poster wanted to know if he could control the saturation (on iOS) of the label colours he’d set when used as backgrounds. The answer is no—iOS has no background saturation control.

I’d assumed that he set those colours on his Mac, where he reports them bright and saturated, but now that I re-read, he didn’t actually say on which device he’d set the colours.

I know that it’s possible to set label colours on the iOS side, but I don’t know the results either in backgrounds in iOS, or when viewed on the Mac. I never tried, because I use a particular set of low-contrast label colours and the iOS palette is too limited to reproduce them.

OK, now I’m curious. :smiley: Next time I can sit down with my iOS devices and my Mac side by side I’ll run some tests and report back.

(Edited for clarity)


I am the original poster.
I do all of my writing on the IOS version.

My question was about the major difference when I opened a IOS project on my mac.
I was surprised that the colours were so intense and wondered if there was a chance to do the same on the iPad.

Previous posters have answered the question that IOS colours are muted.


You can’t control the opacity level of the labels in the iOS version, but you can control it on macOS, so especially if you’re working mainly on iOS, you might choose to handle this the other way around–customise the label colours in the project on iOS to make them brighter, then reduce the opacity of the label background colour on macOS if it’s too intense when opened there. (Preferences > Appearance > General Interface.) The label colour will still be muted automatically on iOS when used to colour the background, but you can make it a bit more intense than the default label colours.

If you’re not already showing label colours in the binder in iOS, you may want to turn that on as well as the option for tinting the background. That will give you a stripe of the true colour along the left side of the binder row that isn’t tinted for appearing behind the text.

Thanks for this.
It gives a bit more colour to the binder.
This is what I was looking for.