Column appeared and can't get rid of it.

Somehow a column appeared and I can’t get rid of it. It shows up on every single page in my project. Please tell me how to. I’ve attached a screenshot. Thank you.

At some point you must have clicked the Vertical Split button. What’s happening is that you’ve got your title page in the left-hand vertical split and the Novel Format template information in the right-hand split. If you put the active cursor in the title page and click the No Split button you’ll have your text full-screen and nothing else. The No Split button is hard to describe, since it’s just a box, but it’s the one in the top-right corner of the Title Page section of the screen: in the title bar where it says “Title Page,” look to the right and there’s an up arrow, a down arrow (the Previous and Next Document buttons), the Horizontal Split button (a box with a bar though it), and the No Split button (just a box). Hit that No Split button and you’re back to normal.

I haven’t used templates yet, so I don’t know whether you need that Novel Format information in your project or not. It might be possible to delete it.

With or without that, vertical and horizontal splits can be handy when you need to compare two sections, drag something from a research document to a manuscript document, etc.

Thank you very much. That resolved it!

Great, glad it worked!