column resize in references pane

Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I didn’t see it doing a search. If I resize the column widths in the references pane, Scr. doesn’t remember the change when I close then reopen. Not a huge thing, but I have to readjust each time I add something.


No, it doesn’t. Is this a big deal? The only one I set to get remembered was the outliner. The columns in the search table won’t get remembered, either.

I’ll add it to the list, but it will be a very, very low priority. :slight_smile:

I understand. It’s a big deal to me since I use so many reference files in my research, so I have the supporting materials view always open and I may have many references listed. So I want to see more of the names and less of the url address. When you get to it, it would be appreciated. Thanks!