Column support (ala Dummies Books)

Hi, I’m considering writing a more technical book. I like the look of Scrivener, but I’m not sure I can lay it out like I would like. I’d like to have a column where I point out certain issues or sidenotes, similar to how the “Dummies” line of books puts icons in. In playing with Scrivener, I don’t see a way to do that?



No, I’m afraid there’s nothing like that in Scrivener if you’re after laying it all out exactly as it would appear in the final book. Scrivener is more intended for the drafting stages of a long book rather than the layout process, and leaves more complicated layout to word processors after exporting.

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Hi Keith,

Thanks for the quick reply. Understood. The Scrivener manual was so beautiful that I just hoped there was a way to do even more.

I may reconsider how I want to lay it out then so I can use the product for the project.


Hi Mark,

Ah, one thing I didn’t mention is Scrivener’s MultiMarkdown support. Ioa wrote the manual in Scrivener using MultiMarkdown mark-up - if you use MMD then there are no limits with layout because that is all handled at the output stage. But that entails not using mark-up while writing rather than using rich text. (MMD can be used to generate LaTeX files and all sorts.)

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Keith, did you not mean to write “that entails using mark-up rather than using rich text …”


Mark, i.e. Mr X :smiley:

I did - I started writing “not using the rich text capabilities”, but realised that wasn’t entirely accurate (you can use the rich text abilities, they just won’t be reflected in the final document), then changed it - serves me right for trying to reply after a couple of glasses of wine.

Thanks everyone. I’ll take a closer look at MMD.

BTW, I like that you list alternatives to your software on the website - makes you that much more credible.