Column width not resizing with browser

Can you tell me why the width of text in the first file doesn’t expand when I expand my browser window? All the other files in the project do as you can note by top portion of subsequent file in the linked image below:

Can’t be sure but that looks like each of the lines has a return at the end. No matter how wide you make the window it won’t change. If you were using a Mac I’d suggest Format > Options > Show Invisibles to reveal those pesky returns. If that optoins available in Windows use it see what you have in that document.

If it’s not reepicheep’s option, another possibility is that you have (accidentally) formatted it like this. This sometimes happens when I paste with format in tact from other places.

Check in the menu, format --> text --> spacing and check if you have a Right indentation. If it’s not 0 set it to 0. This should solve your problem.
(Make sure to click on ‘yes’ if Scrivener asks you if you are sure you want to apply the paragraph indentation)

Edit: You can see that this is the problem because in the toolbar after the font size and before the option to click on bold you see ‘1,2x 0.0/10.0’ which means that you have paragraph spacing 1.2 (or 1.15 rounded up to 1.2) the left indentation is set at 0, and the right indentation is set at 10.
You can also change the settings from this button instead of using the format --> text --> spacing I just indicated. Pick ‘more’ if your desired option is not on there and you end up on the same menu as with the format/text/spacing.

Thanks Sandra,

As you already know, you’re right on. The thing that had me going, is that I believe I imported all these text files at the same time from the same document and separated it into separate files from there. This is the only file that would up with a right indent.

Anyway, thanks for showing me where to manage it. I’ll chalk the rest up to mystery.

BillyB :slight_smile:

Scrivener has leprechauns. :mrgreen: