Columns disappearing from Outliner

I’m testing out Scrivener at the moment and finding the Outliner very useful for initial planning. However, for some reason the Synopsis column keeps disappearing when I go away from it or close it, then I have to go through all the rigmarole of clicking on “View-Outliner Columns” each time to get it back. Is this something I’m doing or could it be a bug?

Yes, this one is a bug. The good news is that the team have found out what’s causing it and so it will be fixed in the next official release.



That’s great, thanks! I’m glad it’s not just me missing something really obvious. Thanks for the reply.

It’s been some time since this thread was alive, but I found it searching for information about the identical problem.

Is this still known to be an issue? I’ve seen it 2 or 3 times in the last week or so. (I’m of course using the most recently released version.)

I can post a writeup on what I’m seeing, including how it manifests across split (and swapped) editors, if it would be of any help or interest.

Yes, could you please provide details on what you’re seeing and steps to reproduce it? The bug I believe the earlier posts referred to (rather vaguely!) was fixed some time ago, so I’m not sure what you’re seeing.

Sure. Here you go.

Two or three times recently, all but the Title column have disappeared. I believe this has been when switching from one collection to another, though I’m not certain of that… if not that then something comparable wrt changing what the editor is being asked to display.

Each time, I’ve added the columns back.

This last time it happened, I was in split mode, with the outliner in one editor, and text in the other. I toggled the view mode on the side with the outliner, in and out of outliner mode a few times, but each time I went back it was still only one column.

Next, I focused the other editor and put it in outliner mode, and it had all the columns (first time I’d seen that.) I went back and forth between the two editors, trying to see what was going on. I made sure that each was getting the identical set of files from a collection – I’d select them all, and they would all show up in each editor as you’d expect them to – but one side had only the title column.

Then, I set different multiple selections for each editor, 4 on the left which had all cols, and 3 on the right with a single col, and these also showed up as expected, except (again) one side only had one column.

I then swapped (Alt-v,l,w) the editors, not sure what to expect. What happened was, the contents of the editors got swapped, from 4L/3R, to 3L/4R, but the column configuration remained the same – the side with all cols (L), and the side with just one ®, stayed as they were before the swap. That surprised me, and seems strange, though I don’t know how swaps are done, so maybe it’s not that strange…?

But overall, there does seem to be something funny happening here.

This is probably unrelated and just a case of coincidence, but about a week or two ago, I intentionally removed all but the title column because I incorrectly thought that was how to get a titles-only compile – I was quickly disabused of that idea when I asked and was told about the compiler’s format options. So I added the columns back, and didn’t give it another thought until maybe a week later when I did something in the sidebar (probably switching collections) and noticed that all but the title col had disappeared in the outliner. I added them back. Then it happened at least one additional time. I added them back (I was getting good at this!), and then it just happened a little while ago… when I happened to notice the discrepancy between the two editor splits, which got me experimenting.

Really… I swear I’m not making this up! :unamused: :open_mouth:

It’s possible there’s something else going on as well, but it sounds like the only bug here is that when you swap the editors, only the contents swap. Each editor split remembers its own settings, so if you had set up the outliner in one split to only show the title and the other split was set to show title, synopsis and labels, that would persist through closing and opening the splits. Swapping the editors though should swap those settings as well, however, so that part is a little off.

The displayed documents don’t have individual settings, just to clarify here–you can’t set one collection to display only the title in the outliner and another to display four different columns. The column settings are part of the view mode settings for the editor, and persist through changing documents.

I’ve read through this thread and also reviewed the documentation and I still have a problem getting Outliner to display the columns that I have indicated I want to see (either with the pulldown arrow on the right or with the View>Outliner Columns setting). Even though I have selected various columns, they don’t appear and my attempts to position the cursor and use the <–> to scroll them into view doesn’t work. I get the feeling this is something very basic that I’m just not “getting.”
Any advice appreciated.


I had this problem too - not sure if it’s a bug. Don’t know whether there was a better way to address this, but I resolved it by unticking and then reticking (is that a word?) the columns I wanted.

Thank you. That “worked” for me previously but now… :cry: