Columns in Outline View

I see I can (de)select one column at a time in the Outline view. It would be faster and more convienant if I could (de)select many at once faster with checkboxes or something like that. Am I missing something?

Are you using the menu to get at the options, or the little > on the right end of the header bar in outline view? If you choose the latter method, the menu stays open so you can choose multiple options at once.


I think the OP wants to select or deselect multiple columns at once. Something like with Alt + Click or Shift + Click.

At the moment I don’t think it’s possible.


Enabling or disabling columns isn’t that labor intensive, is it?

You can always save a custom window layout (Window->Layouts->Manage Layouts) that stores your outline settings if you need to quickly change your outline view. Also, each split has its own outline settings, so you could use the left/top for one set of columns, and the right/bottom for another.

Possibly, but I took it to relate to the fact that the View > Outline Options column menu disappears after one click and has to be resummonsed every time if you want to deal with multiple columns, which is really annoying, while the > menu on the header itself remains open between clicks.

We’ll have to let the OP tell us which of us has the right interpretation…

This is correct.