Columns in Outliner

Is there a way to add a new type of column other than the templates already created? We have several authors working on the project and I want to add a column designating the respective author for each document.

No, I am afraid there is no way to add new columns to the outliner at this time, as Scrivener was never conceived as a fully-featured outliner. You are not alone in the request, though, and it this feature will probably be added to 2.0 (though that is waaay off in the future).

However, you could use the Label or Status column for this. The Status column would be especially suitable if you are not already using it. You could go to File > Labels and Status Settings, change the name “Status” to “Author”, and then add a list of authors.

All the best,

thank you very much! we are excited to get started using this software.