Combine Cards in Binder into One Card

Hi, okay, I am done posting all my wishes today. Last one. Again, I apologize if it has already been suggested, in fact, I think I remember someone asking for this a long time ago, but I forget.

Is it, will it, could it, be possible to select text cards in the Binder (the first step when one goes to Edit Scrivenings), and then combine them into one single text file in one step? Right now, and I am probably doing this incorrectly, I highlight my cards in the Binder, then Edit Scrivenings, then ctrl-A (or select all with the mouse), then drag and drop the text as a new card into the Binder.

Now, as I write this, I realize that I should have posted this in the Technical Support area? Not sure…Sorry for misposting if I did…

Take care, Richard

Does Documents->Merge do what you are after?


Um, yes, perfectly and exactly as I need. :unamused:

Thanks! It’d be nice to have a contextual menu to do it as well in the Binder, but I didn’t know about this merge function.

Thank you!


It has the keyboard shortcut, too, don’'t forget.