Comedian's choice

Just caught this on Richard Herring’s blog … hp?id=2264

Blimey. I used to love Lee and Herring. (I’m glad I changed the shortcut for deleting sections to cmd-delete for 2.0, too, so that this common error won’t trip people up any more…)
Thanks for pointing this out!
All the best,

I have NEVER ever ever been so thankful for anything (related to the subject of writing) than I was today for finding your post!!!
My chapter WAS in the waste basket!!!

Getting it out of there was a bit more tricky, while being in such a state of mind as I was, thinking it had all gone!
With a bit of copy-paste, it’s back where it belongs and I’ve not only backed up to my ‘documents’ folder but also an external devise!

So thank you again, - also for making such a detectable title!


I’m quite partial to Lea & Perrins too! :smiley: :blush:
(I know, I know. I’m sorry… I’ll just wander off over here, or maybe somewhere else.)