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Hey, thought this might be of interest to any comedy writers - specifically TV writers…

The New York Television Festival and Comedy Central are holding a Short Pilot Competition - Winner receives a $7,500 Development Deal with Comedy Central. Submit an 8 – 15 minute original comedy pilot presentation and the accompanying shooting script of the episode.
The NYTVF will be accepting entries from October 12, 2011 through January 27, 2012. FREE to enter.

More details and submission info here:

About the New York Television Festival:
The New York Television Festival was founded in 2005 as the industry’s first creative festival for television artists. The NYTVF works in partnership with networks, studios, brands and agencies to more effectively and efficiently deliver the best projects and showcase the most promising artists.
In September 2011 The NYTVF celebrated its 7th annual Festival, in which nine industry partners presented thirteen guaranteed deals to U.S.-based creators and nearly forty networks, studios, agencies and production companies met with over 200 artists to begin relationships that could yield many more deals to come.
Held in New York City each fall, the NYTVF hosts events ranging from red-carpet premieres (NYTVF Primetime), focused discussions on digital development and distribution (NYTVF Digital Day), fan panels (NYTVF Development Day) and screenings of the best in independent content (Independent Pilot Screenings).
For additional information, visit

I was silly excited about this until I waded through the small print to learn it’s US residents only.


They have a different competition for UK people…

Silly excited again!

Herr Schweinkotflügel,
I was going to say, that to be a comedy writer, you have to be funny! But! Because I couldn’t stand to see you scriking and bawling all over the forums, I decided not to. So I won’t.

Caring Fluff

Err… thanks?

Anyway, I’ve looked at the website and at no point does it say that entries will be judged on the basis of quality or humour so I should be fine. :smiley:

well…if you persist with this madness…Good Luck.
God help Sat Night Live