Comic Book Template

Hi all, somewhat new user here.

I’ve been using the template for novel writing and so far I find it very intuitive. It has done a great deal to help me start organizing and thinking about story structure on a project that has otherwise been very difficult to plot out.

I’m now working on a different project using the Comic Book template and I’m getting stumped on something pretty basic. How do I create a second panel within a page. Do I just type PANEL <$N> and know that it will create a new, properly numbered panel for the page, or do I need to a command or do some kind of manual creation to have Scrivener properly number the panels? I can just type out that phrase at the beginning of the line, but it does not look like the one that shows up by default in the template. I know this is very basic but it’s not plainly obvious to me.

Anyone who has some experience with the comic book template, I would appreciate some advice!

Thanks in advance

In my Comics template project the main numbering <$N> tag was meant to be used for numbering pages
The subnumbering <$SN> tag was meant to be used for panel numbering.
So, unless things have changed since then—

The “look” of these placeholder tags does not matter, only their syntax.

You might want to look at the Placeholder Tags List and read some of the explanations there – it will inform you about what is going on there with these. You will find that in Scrivener under Help > Placeholder Tags List.