Comic-Con Scrivener User Gathering?

Are there any Scrivener user gatherings, formal or otherwise? I see a few posters in the forum that work on Comics. Maybe Comic-Con San Diego in July?

I don’t believe there have been any yet, no (although it wouldn’t surprise me if the Portlanders had got together at some point :wink: )

I attend Comic-Con, but I’m not sure how many others here do. There aren’t all that many people here on the boards who write comics - although of course San Diego has increasingly become a destination for screenwriters as well, and we certainly have plenty of those…

I think this kind of happens automatically. Step outdoors, and if you see two or more people in line of sight, you have a Scrivener gathering.

Over at Scrivenings, there is a member of the crew (MacRankin), who openly confesses to not knowing what a Portlander is…how as this come about? can it be?

I haven`t got the heart to tell him, but someone has to! :frowning:

This year we didn’t. first trip in ten years, but next year we will be there, most likely

We have attended many a comic-con over the years