Comic Script Font Format Oddities

Hi everyone. Figured I’d start here with the community before determining if this is a real bug or not.

Working on Windows 7, Scrivener 1.9.6

In the Comic Script format, every once in a while after using Enter keys to navigate the commands, i.e. switching to panel number, or description, the font will change from Courier (Default, what I want it to stay as) to Arial (windows default, not sure if that matters, but I suspected thats why this font is chosen?). Even if I go change it back to Courier, the next time I transition, it will go back to Arial.

This does not affect all my scripts, but once it does, it is persistent and the document becomes unusable until I figure out what is happening. This has happened to me on new documents, and some documents that I’ve been working on for months.

I wanted to start here, because I can’t seem to really figure out what the steps are to replicating it. Right now, it appears there is no rhyme or reason, but I’m sure there is something triggering it. I figured if anyone else was having the issue, we might be able to track it down.

Thanks for any and all suggestions. Scrivener for life!!