Comic Scriptwriting Question

When I auto-type in either a new page or a new panel, as soon as I select the page number (PAGE <$N>, PAGE 1, PAGE 2) or the panel number (Panel 1, Panel 2), etc., and hit Enter, if the Scrivling is longer than the display area on the screen, the cursor shoots back up to the top of the page. This is really annoying. It ONLY does this on the Page and Panel options, not Character, Description, etc. I’ve encountered this functionality in both of the comic scriptwriting templates. Is there a way to turn this off, so the cursor stays at the bottom of the page, where it belongs, after I hit the enter? I’ve clicked and unclicked everything I can think of in the Scrip Settings panel.

This would be a bug, so no, there’s not a way to turn it off because it shouldn’t be happening. Try using the Tab key instead of Enter for now–that will leave you on the same line, but you should then be able to hit Enter to get to the next line without the document scrolling.