Comic template does not include proper Format Selector formatting

I’m a new user. After starting a new comic script template (my motivation for purchasing Scrivener), I noticed that the Format Selector does not include Antony Johnston’s script formatting options (page, panel, etc), but instead offers basic script categories. The more or less vital letter/keyboard shortcuts to access the Format Selector options are also missing.

Using Windows 10, Scrivener V1.9.5.0

Sad face, sad face, sad face, rolling eyes, exclamation point.

Update: The Format Selector in the Screenplay template (with Scene selected) does not show the proper shortcut letters either.
Scrivener format selector - no shortcuts.png

Update 2: I attempted to change the formatting and applied some new shortcut letters, but they don’t appear when I bring up the Selector.

Update 3: The absence of shortcuts only affects the Format Selector that appears when I hit RETURN twice. That’s obviously the most important one in terms of workflow. However, if I manually click on the Format Selector on the bottom right, the shortcuts do appear. Again, that’s not ideal, but I hoped that the new information would help you track down the problem.
Scrivener format selector - bottom shortcuts.jpg

I’m still waiting for a reply to the post that I created last week. Unfortunately, I’ll have to ask for my money back if this problem can’t be resolved soon. Still very hopeful that this problem has a simple solution, but it needs to be resolved in the next few days, I’m afraid.

You do realize that the forums are primarily peer support, correct? If you need time-critical support, you should contact L&L Support via their website.

In fact, I didn’t! Thanks for bringing this to my attention.