Coming back where you left off.

This happens most of the time after you quit Scrivener manually, but if the Mac wakes up and has to reload Scriv then the previous location seems to be lost. (It comes back at the location when Scrivener was last quit by the user.) Is it possible to save the current location when the Mac goes to sleep?

This will only happen if Scrivener hasn’t quit properly - presumably you also see the “rebuilding search strings” message, too. You should be careful of that, or note exactly what is happening in this situation - if Scrivener doesn’t receive the “close” notification from OS X, then it doesn’t get chance to save the non-critical data such as the interface state and search string (it doesn’t save these things during autosave seeing as they can slow down autosave significantly and they are not project data). So if things are loading up at the last place you closed the project, it means that Scrivener isn’t getting the correct “close” notification from OS X - exactly what are you doing to trigger this?


I’ll keep an eye on this. What I’m doing is leaving the machine without shutting Scrivener down. The Mac sends itself to sleep and I just log back in and wake it up. Scrivener reloads in the wrong place. This is happening on Lion by the way. I don’t remember seeing it happen on Snow Leopard but I could be wrong.

It sounds as though your Mac has quit Scrivener somehow without sending Scrivener the proper notifications. Weird. Let me know what you notice.

Okay, this seems to be triggered when it logs out if I’ve been away from the keyboard for an hour. All the programs quit but all load up when I log in again.
They all seem to start in the right place, except Scrivener which comes back at the spot where I last closed it down.

Okay, try this:

Start Scrivener.
Move to some place in the binder.
Log out.

Log in.
Scrivener reloads, but the new location in the binder hasn’t been saved. It only seems to be saved when you quit the program yourself (on my system anyway).

Hi Rayz,

Sorry for the late reply - just to let you know that this is on my list to investigate, and I’ll get back to you with what I find.


No problem … :slight_smile:

Hi Rayz,

Just to let you know that I investigated this but so far I can’t reproduce it, sorry…

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Don’t worry about it. If I think of something I’ll let you know. :slight_smile: