Coming late to Scrivener

but am now using it to organise - and finally get round to writing - my first attempt at a novel. More like seven interlocking novels as I have been gathering material for over thirty years and now have far too much for one book. The challenge will be organising the links between a character’s appearance in one book and reappearance in another. Am toying with the idea of inserting internal links in a colour which will enable the reader to hop about and back again without distracting by obvious links eg. in blue.
New to this forum and about to delve, but have timer set to force ancient bones out of chair and move around every twenty minutes. … dorastorey

Isabel, a warm welcome aboard Scrivener. Don’t let it come as a surprise to you, that yours aren’t the only ancient bones aboard this old pirate tub.

I think you’ll find that with Scrivener in your writing arsenal, you’re on a winner.

Take care

Congratulations on choosing Scrivener. After having used it for a while now, I couldn’t imaging embarking on a long text project without it - I’m confident you will develop a similar opinion. Nice idea to use the timer as a reminder to move. :bulb:

And welcome aboard the forums. Watch out for the pirates, even though they don’t seem to take much unless you believe in the adage “time is money”, then suddenly the moniker makes sense - the scoundrels! :wink: