Command 1,2,3,4 for screenwriting?

Hey guys. The one feature I miss from final draft is the ability to hit command 1 for scene heading, command 2 for action, command 3 for character, command 5 for dialogue.

Is there any way to do this in Scrivener?

I would be ECSTATIC!

BTW - I know you can hit option command - just being picky/geeky about what I’m used to from Final Draft.


You could use the System Preferences to change the keyboard shortcuts if you really wanted to - you’d have to reallocate all of the opt-cmd-1… keyboard shortcuts to the ones that currently use cmd-1, cmd-2 etc (View > Corkboard/Outliner/Scrivenings, Take Snapshot and so on) and then apply the cmd-1, cmd-2 shortcuts to the items in Format > Scriptwriting > Change Element To (this will only work well if you only ever use the same sort of script format, and don’t switch between, say, Screenplay and Stage Play in different projects).

All the best,

Thanks Keith! I realize that I can get used to the command and option. :slight_smile: