Command-F Search locks

On iPad Pro with keyboard.

If I type command F to find something, and hit enter, it finds the next occurrence of the thing found, and the find/replace boxes disappear. Typing command F again flashes the binder column and does not search or bring up the boxes again, until I touch the binder, re-electing the document and then touching inside the document again.

I’ve found no way to do a replace that allows me to find the next occurrence and then either replace it, or skip it to move to the next.

What version of iOS are you using? I’m seeing no issues matching this description, with 13.3.

By the way, ⌘G and ⇧⌘G are the standard Find Next/Prev shortcuts, respectively. They will even work once the find interface is closed.

i’m on 13.3. it’d be nice to list the %g choices in the popup help for those of us who’ve been Appling forever and never knew that. thanks, let me know if there’s something to try or more info i can send.

Thanks, I’ve added them to the list. The popup is notoriously spotty, not sure what we can do about it though since it is automated.

As for reproduction, perhaps it is a secondary setting you are using in the Find’s gear popup? I already had to make one change to get replacement mode active, but perhaps you’ve made other adjustments.