Command in fullscreen mode


After browsing the forum, the wiki and the manual I decided to start a topic.

I love scrivener and especially the fullscreen mode,
I mainly work in the screenplay template but I am getting annoyed to move the mouse and go to the bottom to select a different type (Character, Action, General Text etc).

What is the command to use in the fullscreen mode for these types?

The command to access the scripting element menu in Full Screen is the same as in standard editor: Cmd-Y, and from there you can just tap the corresponding letter to jump straight to an element. So changing a line to Character is Cmd-Y + C. The Tab-key alternates are also available, but until you’ve got them all memorised, you’ll need to keep the HUD open (just leave the mouse at the bottom somewhere) to get the cheat sheet. They’ll still work with the HUD invisible, if you know what they are.

In Scrivener 2.0 this has been improved, too, so that opt-cmd-1 to 9 can be used for the different types, too.

Remember that you can use the tab key to move to a different type, though, without invoking the menu at all.

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