Command-Return binding

I’m outlining a new book in the cork board and had to turn off the “Return key ends editing synopsis…” option because I’m using the index card to note the major plot points in each scene. What I would really like to be able to do is rapidly outline without leaving the keyboard, but with that option turned off, there’s no way to finish editing the current card and then hit Return to start a new card (I left that option on).

What I would love is a Command/Control-Return binding to basically end editing. I find my muscle memory trying it every so often as it’s a pretty common key combination these days that means “finish editing” or whatever.

There may already be some way to do what I’m asking for, but the Command-Return seems very natural. To my programmer fingers at least. :slight_smile:


The Escape key toggles editing, and you can also use Opt-Return to enter new lines (leaving on the option for Return alone to end editing).

While, as a VIM guy, I find Escape quite fine as a “stop editing” key binding, I still keep hitting Command-Return. Just a suggestion, but I’ll go with Escape for now.