Command "Set First Line as Title"

The way I use Scrivener demands that I manually synchronise the titles of the documents in the binder with the typed titles (chapters, subchapters) in the documents themselves. I find myself frequently repeating the following action: select the first line of a scrivener document, right-click, and click “Set Selected Text as Title”. I would be very convenient to have a command like “Set First Line as Title” that could be applied to all currently selected documents in the binder.

In 2.0 there is an option to have the title automatically generated on save, which will take the first line (or first set number of characters if the line is particularly long) and make it the title.

Hope I’m not pointing out the obvious, but you can include the titles of some or all of your documents in the text of your manuscript when you compile. This might allow you to avoid this synchronization if you don’t really NEED to do it… though with 2.0 coming out so soon (crossing fingers), my advice may be moot.