Commands to move from a superior to inferior container

It would be handy to have two commands that allow users to move focus from a superior to an inferior container and vice-versa. Right now, we have just two commands that allow to move from a container to the next and vice-versa (View>Outline). These command do not take into consideration the hierarchy of the project and so if you have, say, twenty docs in a folder, in order to move to the next folder by commands you have to click twenty times on the command “next container.”
I hope you will appreciate this suggestion. Thanks.

The [b]Ctrl-Cmd-R[/b] command will move “up” a layer in the outline. This is the “Enclosing Group” command in the [b]View/Go To/[/b] sub-menu. There are multiple ways to “descend” into the outline. The easiest is [b]Opt-Cmd-R[/b], which just opens the selected item(s) in the editor. If more than one item is selected then your preferred view mode (corkboard/etc.) will be used. Also in that Go To menu you’ll see “Editor Selection”. This is a special command that loads the selected item in the editor as a text document—no matter what kind of document it is. So even a folder will be opened as a text file. But that side effect can be ignored in many cases, as it is also just a useful way to isolate the currently selected item in the text editor. For example you can hit that while in Scrivenings session to just focus on the current section the cursor is within.

Thanks, it helps a lot.