Comment Colors on separate lines?

I’m having some issues with inspector comment colors and I have not been able to find anything in the forums, knowledge base, or the user manual.

When I use the inspector comments and highlight multiple lines for one comment (since they’re related), and then change the comment color to something other than yellow, it won’t change color. It’s important to note that this only happens when the lines are broken by enter keys, not when the next line is a continuation of the first.

Example: I am trying to create a comment for Texts 1 and 2, together in the same comment because the problem is about both lines combined. The comment is created. Now I want the color to be blue, not yellow. It won’t change to blue in the editor, but the inspector comment box has changed to the desired color.

“Text 1.”

“Text 2.”

Is this just something that Scrivener can’t analyze, or am I missing something?

Thank you!

This is a bug, which has been fixed for the next update, which will be out shortly. The coloured comments will appear with the proper highlight in the editor when opened in the newer version.