Comment Colour / Search and Export

Hi, is there a way to search for comments in a specific colour and/or to export only comments with a specific colour? I like using comments for margin notes and the like in the final document, but I also like being able to make comments just for myself. I could, of course, use the footnote function, but then I could only differentiate between real footnotes and margin notes and the like via specific markup. So, being able to use the different colours would be neat :slight_smile:

This is probably related with Chaarrliie’s post that hasn’t got any replies so far:

Thanks, best regards – Lorenz

I don’t know of a way to do that, but it has been something I’ve needed in the past. The only thing I was able to do to work around it was use Custom Metadata Texts and export them.

Admittedly, this is not very practical for detailed level commenting on sentences, words, ideas, etc., but it does work when creating an overall plan or to do list/comments to self on a scene. If you’re interested, here’s how I set it up:

#1 Create your custom metadata in the Inspector with whatever titles/names you want based on the color-coded commenting system you have, e.g. “Needed Edits”, “Further Research” and so on. I’d also suggest using “Wrap Text” too.
#2 (optional) Set the metadata color to be the same in settings by checking “Use Colored Text”.
#3 The Metadata “Type” should be set to Text.
#4 Use them as desired and when you’re ready to export them go to Outliner Mode with the chapter folder or whole manuscript folder selected. Click in the columns area and select the one column of metadata that applies to your color/area/comment type you want.
#6 Go to File → Export → Outliner Contents as CSV. You have all your comments (aka metadata texts) associated to each Binder item.

Again not totally ideal, but it did help me when solving my biggest list of to do’s.

Hi, thank you for your suggestions! :sunglasses:

For the use cases I have experiences so far, I would like to use comments to indicate that some citation needs to be verified, some word looked up. This is where it’s less than ideal, as you already stated, not to be able to associate the comment with some marked text in the manuscript.

Still, thank you again! :smiley: