Comment count?

Is there a way to get a total count of the number of comments in a document?

I’d be happy with some brute-force method. I thought about copying all of the comments, pasting them into… something? and… something?

Or I’d be happy doing something esoteric in the shell, like digging into a package, doing an ls/find/grep of… something… then piping it into wc. A two-second glance inside a Scrivener document package didn’t show anything obvious, though.

(As for the why, it’s just a simple "left a ton of comments in a draft, want to stop at the end of the day and say I knocked out X comments and have Y left to go…)


Brute force method to do this from the command line:

grep -r "Comment ID" mybook.scriv/Files/Data | wc -l

Worked for me. There’s probably a neater way to wrap that up in a script.

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