Comment key doesn't select comma or full stop

To insert a comment, I press the keyboard shortcut. This doesn’t select a comma or full stop if my cursor is next to “,” or “.”

This is important for me since I convert the comments to inline text during the compilation process and I cannot use footnotes.

Any solution?

Have you perhaps enabled the Terminate footnotes before punctuation setting (which also impacts inspector comments), in the Editing: Options preferences tab?

I have checked Preference > Editing > Options > Footnotes & Comments > “Terminate footnotes before punctuation”

however, still it is the same result. Pressing cmd+* selects the previous word but excludes “,” or “.”

I believe you want it unchecked.

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Got the same results; either checked or unchecked. The default is unchecked.

Do you select text yourself?
I think this is intended for if you simply first have your cursor somewhere within a word. No text selection.
(At least that’s how it behaves under Windows.)

This works for footnotes, but it doesn’t work for comments. We actually require “Terminate comments before punctuation” like " Terminate footnotes before punctuation"

I tested when the cursor was blinking within the word.

For me the comment highlight only goes up to the punctuation point, not including it, but this is the other way around from how the thread started, where you stated wanting it to include punctuation.

In looking at it again, I don’t think the Mac has any control over how comments work. Well, something to consider is that you can create footnotes while writing, and later convert them in bulk by selecting them all in the Inspector sidebar, right-clicking, and converting to comments. Either that or you can just select what you want to highlight from the start.

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I want to include punctuation when press “cmd+shift+*” on mac.

I did try the workaround, add footnotes. In the end, you convert all the footnotes into comments. However, I cannot use this method, I’m an academician, and I add all my citations as comments and hide them using view > text editing > hide markup. If I’m correct, I cannot hide footnotes.

It is not enabled by default, but you can control what is hidden by Hide Markup, in the Appearance: Textual Marks: Options preference pane.

well, that works. I’ll switch to footnotes :grinning: In the future, I hope that Scrivener will have an option to “Terminate comments before punctuation” :stuck_out_tongue:

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