Comment oddness: is it 2.7 or El Capitan?

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t happening before, and I think it’s after either 2.7 or EC.

A few comments don’t display anything except the 1st line (which I keep as the autogenerated author/timestamp) unless I click in them. And then when I escape out of them, they go back to just the 1st line.

See the screenshot below (with the red stars showing two examples):


I suspect that this has to do with El Sargent! There is an issue also with footnotes that do not show the last line. For a similar issue with Nisus see:
I hope a solution is on the way.

I have only just noticed that I am experiencing the same issue of the last line of my footnotes not displaying unless I click into the footnote in the inspector. Haven’t found any solutions online yet, just wondering if anyone else has. It’s quite annoying, I keep thinking that my footnotes are incomplete!

Ha, found a work around here on the forums!

To help others time searching, can you give the page URL, please?

Mr X