Comment scrolling only works once

Hi, Love the new version. Still trying to come to grips with all the changes.

Maybe a bug…I created a comment. Scrolled further down the page and then clicked on the comment in the inspector. It did what was expected and scrolled the window to the comment. I read some more and was someway down the page in the same document and hit the comment in the inspector again and…nothing. Zippo. It only seems to work once. I got it to scroll correctly again only by changing to another document and then switching back to the original document. Again, it worked once and once only.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks for a super upgrade.

Hi, no, this isn’t a bug. It scrolls to the text when the comment is selected. If it is already selected and you click on it again, it won’t do anything - just click somewhere else in the comment area and then back on it to re-select it.
All the best,

Thanks Keith.
Alas, this is not mentioned in your tutorial, which I am working through. Also, the relevant section (16.1) in the Scriv manual is not finished.
Thanks for the info. Yes, it does work as you say.

Alas and alackaday? :slight_smile:

Keith, it’s Saturday where you are. Stop working! Go shopping. Although I do appreciate your quick response.
Thanks Mate for your attention.
The new Scriv is so delicious it’s hard to stop playing with it and concentrate on my writing. Still lots to explore. It’s 11:40pm here.

The Scriv is lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Apologies to Robert Frost.

Stop working? Does… not… compute… Head exploding… What is this “Saturday” thing of which you speak?

Ha ha. Talking of explosions. My wife and I just saw ‘Red’ at the local movies. Excellent. Highly recommended. Nice to see old farts my age (well Bruce Willis anyway) getting some action. Go see it. It’ll clean out the cobwebs and stop the brain from locking up.

Okay, I’ll keep reading and looking. I’m sure I’ll have more questions…later.

p.s. I am thinking about getting a second monitor. Hmm, wonder how Sriv would work on two screens? Vellly interesting.
cheers mate

It works pretty good on two screens, Steven. Most of the built-in support can be found in the Full Screen preferences pane. Basically you can (at a small performance drop) opt to leave your main window open and use the second monitor for your full screen session, giving you full access to research and navigation. Additionally you can keep other applications available for reference as well, over there. Then there is just the benefit of having that much more space for your project window. A huge vertical split down the middle could give you extensive control of corkboards and detailed outliners without sacrificing your full writing interface. Have a massive corkboard on the left screen, and a two-page writing layout on the right screen? Not a problem.

Scrivener is one of those weird programs that will run just fine on a tiny 11" MacBook Air screen, but will gladly consume all the space you give it. It feels just as comfortable at 27" to me, as it does on a laptop screen.