Comment [Text] Color

I have wanted to change the comment color and before when I changed the text color, it would stay the same color for future comments, but it seems that this has broken. the Comment color will hold going forward but the text color reverts to a default which may be theme related. Has anyone else experienced this with update 3.14??

Text colour, as formatting in the comment itself? If that was carrying over from one note to the next, that was never intentional. Each comment should have its own formatting.

I have a baseline of red text, I thought if I changed the text color and comment color they would both persist with the next new comment. The color does but the text reverts to the baseline red of the current theme I am using. (a modified one not a default scrivener font)

Yeah that’s in fact not even how it should be working. The colour of the text should be black or white depending on the darkness of the comment, but that particular aspect hasn’t been developed yet, so currently it’s a theme setting. None of that would have anything to do with formatting you apply to the text itself though. Just like we wouldn’t expect strike-through or italic to become “default” for new notes, neither will highlights or text colours.

ok so default color of the comments is theme based, but can be changed on individual basis if so desire.