Commented text is (still) hard to work with (click, spelling ,etc.)

When a piece of text has an associated comment, whether or not the text is highlighted, it is impossible to get an insertion point in the commented text, or to perform spelling actions, such as choose a correction, for words that are marked as misspelled.

I see that such issues were noted for versions <3 (also on Mac), so the fact that these significant annoyances persist suggest they are due to something quite fundamental and hard to change. I would like to be wrong about that though!

Are there any plans to resolve this?

I do like to annotate my text comprehensively if I can, but these issues force me to do it only when strictly necessary.

I find the when you select one letter in the commented text, you can move the text cursor with your keyboard cursor keys. Still, choosing a correct version of words that are marked as misspelled seems nof to be possible.

Yes you are quite right, one can use arrow keys and modifiers etc. to change the insertion point/selection, but one cannot simply click/click & drag. (Or do the spelling thing)

Depends on whether this is a systematic task you’re talking about or just something you want to do here and there, but for the first, have you considered using the Edit ▸ Transformations ▸ commands to bulk convert the section’s notes over to inline (where you get full editor power), and then back when you’re done?

As for why things are more limited, my guess would be that it’s not a full-feature text editor, as that would be very expensive in terms of RAM. Thus, every little thing you expect to have available probably has to be manually reinvented or hooked in somehow.

Myself I rarely use the sidebar comments. Inline works fine for most of what I want to do with annotation, and I don’t like having to switch around between contexts to make a remark or edit it. Never much cared for how word processors handle comments for the same reason.