Comments and footnotes formatting glitches

Running Scrivener for Windows

  1. “Add to custom colour”. Only one custom colour is possible. If you add a second, it overwrites the first.
  2. Sometimes when you change the colour of a comment/footnote, it also changes a quite separate comment within the same document, as if the two are linked, or as if the default colour has been changed. Selecting “revert to default formatting” on that second comment does not work - you have to select the actual colour from the colour-picker.

Where are you adding the custom colour?

I’ve tried to replicate the issue with changing comment colours but couldn’t. Does it happen a lot? In any project or just one?

Hi sorry, just seen this. It happens quite a lot, but I only have one project so it could be specific to that one project.

Try creating a new project to see if it happens there too.