Comments and Footnotes lost[BUG LOGGED]


I’ using currently Scrivener on my Mac and trying de Beta (1.9) on my Windows (7) Netbook. Everthing seems to be fine - but I’m loosing all my comments and footnotes on the windows version. The windows VErsion doesn`t display comments and footnotes - o.k., but saving the project after editing a text with the windows version will drop the comments and footnotes. Opening the project on my Mac again, no ocomments where visible.

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Hi Thomas,

I’m moving this to the Windows forum as this is a bug in the Windows version, not in the Mac version - the Windows version should maintain the comments and footnotes.


Problem still exists in beta 0.2.0 Footnotes and Comments are not working cross plattform.

Sample of Windows footnotes and comments on Mac:
One more try [1] on comments and footnotes.{\Scrv_annot\color={\R=1.000000\G=0.000000\B=0.000000} \text=hhjjjj\end_Scrv_annot}

[1] footnote in windows