Comments and highlights discolouration?

Hi there,

I’ve been using Scrivener for years and years, and just yesterday a new issue sprang up as I was starting a new project. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or of I ticked a box in the preferences that made it happen. I’m not sure how to explain it clearly so I’m also uploading a screenshot … and by the way I’m using a MacBook Pro, Autumn 2014 running macos Sierra (from a clean install), and Scrivener 2.8.

As you should be able to see my comments and footnotes, which should be yellow and grey, have become white with yellow and grey outlines. This is true both in the main window (see where it says ‘1.1. After globalization’—the ‘1.1.’ should be shaded in yellow) and on the comments and footnotes sidebar (actually the comments are yellow, as they should be, but on one footnote, where I happened to highlight a portion of the text blue, the rest of the footnote turned white).

Note also that it was fine at first. It was hours later when I saw on—first on some newer documents, and then when I navigated back to this one again—that the odd discolouration thing had happened. To look at it, it seems like something that would have just been a glitch rather than a setting, so I closed Scrivener and reopened. Still discoloured. Then I drag-and-dropped one of the discoloured documents from this project to an older project—one that I have literally been working from consistently for years without ever seeing this issue—and in that old project the discolouration has remained. I also restarted my whole computer at one point, after which I started a totally new ‘test’ project to drag and drop one of the affected documents into, and it was discoloured again. So, although it seems unlikely (why would this be a setting?) I’m wondering if I’ve done something to make this happen, and if so, what do I need to do to put things back the way they were?

Thanks in advance. I realise this is far from a life-or-death issue, though it is (to me) unexplainable, and I find unexplainable worrying since it’s for an article I’m publishing.

This seems to me like the Sierra display bug which has been mentioned before and which KB is having to work around. Take a look at the “MacOS Sierra” thread elsewhere in the Mac forums and check the Mac bug report forum … you’ll find KB’s explanation somewhere there.



Oh gosh sorry. I really did search through the forums before I posted this but I didn’t know what to call this problem so didn’t search effectively. I’ll check out the thread you mention. Thanks!

By the way, my dad is from Xiamen—specifically Gulangyu :slight_smile:

Edited to add: Here are a couple of links for anybody who ends up on this thread of related discussions that might be helpful:

Glad you’ve found them. I was on my iPad which makes searching like that a bit more complex.

I worked in Xiamen for 13 years, 4 years at the TV Station and then 9 years at 厦大, hence my forum name. If your parents or grandparents were still in Xiamen they may well have seen me on TV as XMTV rolled me out whenever they needed a foreigner!

I loved Gulangyu and wished I could live there, but it was too impractical. However, I’m worried about what has been happening to Gulangyu over recent years, moving the hospital and many of the residents off the islet, and not least the fact that long-term expat residents like me and native Chinese residents of Xiamen who don’t have a Xiamen 户口 now have to join the tourists and go via 东渡. At least, the Xiamen Government has applied for World Heritage Status for the islet, but I’ve not had any news of what’s happening on that count.

I retired in 2013, went back for a visit in 2014, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go back, sadly.



Interesting you mentioned the hospital. My grandparents were a doctor and nurse there but they actually all left in 1949 when my dad was still a kid. We still have possession of the family home there, and my dad’s cousin—from the branch of the family that didn’t leave—takes care of it so perhaps he’s seen you on TV :slight_smile:

I hadn’t heard about the resident and hospital moving. I was able to visit in 2004 (and even took a picture of the hospital for posterity) but am not generally up-to-date on developments there. I assume my dad’s generation has heard the news. End of an era I guess we’d call it.