Comments background color

Hello all,
I’ve been experimenting with ‘Comments’, and am finding the feature useful. One thing slightly bothersome is that I can’t seem to change the background color. It’s yellow-orange at the moment, which makes it impossible to see the highlight color when I click into the box–the highlight color is too similar to stand out. I generally get rid of the default author/time/date stamp, since I don’t need it, but when I double-click to highlight I can’t tell if it’s worked or not. I’ve gone through Preferences, and the appearance choices, but can’t seem to find one that alters the default background. Any suggestions? Thanks, cg

Right click in the comment box (not on the text) and you’ll get several pre-set options for changing the color as well as the “show colors” options which will bring up the Color Picker and let you choose any color you want. To change multiple at a time, select them in the inspector (cmd-a to select all if you like) and then do the color change. Footnotes are always gray, so even if you select all and get footnotes as well, they won’t be effected.

This won’t change the default color–there’s no option at present to do that. But with the select-all it’s quick to change them. You can open all your docs in a Scrivenings session to get all the comments at once if you want.