Comments become Centered Text on Compile

I’ve compiled my first rough draft and noticed that anywhere I have Comments all the subsequent Body text in the entire text document (not the Project) is centered, even though the Body Text style is Left Aligned. I note that the Comments themselves in Scrivener are Left Aligned, so assume that this is either something that the Compiler is doing or that Word itself is doing. Does anyone know how to change that behavior?

That doesn’t sound normal to me, comments should not impact the content or formatting of the base text. Could you provide a little more information about what settings you are using?

  • Is the compiler changing the font and other formatting attributes of your text?
  • What file format are you using to compile to, RTF? Are you using the Java converters?
  • Are your comments created using inline annotations and/or linked inspector comments (or something else entirely)?
  • What happens if you toggle the compile option to remove comments?